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One of the things that annoys me about Entity Framework 6 logging is that it doesn't output the parameters to the sql statement in a way that can be easily executed in Sql Server if you want to test it out. So I wrote this simple ExecutableLogFormatter that outputs the sql and parameters in an executable format.
I normally use the Entity Framework Migrations IDbSet extension method AddOrUpdate, however I had a need to only add a record if it didn't exist so I created this simple AddIfNotExist extension method.
I am currently working on writing our build scripts in LinqPad and was looking into ways to start and stop Windows Services on a remote machine.
We use a *lot* of AWS servers and I put together a simple Razor Webpage that would display all of the Amazon instances for a given AccessKey and SecretKey.
I needed a small script that would print all the numbers within a given range randomly for giveaways at a user group so I threw this PowerShell script together.
06/25/2014 - Find Record Query
I put together a SQL query that can find a given record in a database given you know the Id, but don't know which table it goes with. I hope I'll never need this again, but you never know.
06/24/2014 - Find Table Query
I was looking for some sql that would make it easy to find a sql table matching on part of the name, database, or schema.
I've been playing around with using PowerShell to do some automated deployment. I'm posting the script if it might help anyone else, though I have to admit I'm new at powershell.
06/24/2014 - Find Columns Query
I cobbled together some sql that would let me find a column in any database within a given Sql Server instance
I spent some time today figuring out how to get nHibernate working with log4net so I'm posting the steps that ended up working for me here.
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